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List of communities in Summer 2021

When the application email of community was received, the staff member will reply to the contacts of community. When the information is completed by community, the application will be reviewed on the weekly committee meeting on Monday. Once the application is accepted, projects released by community will be accepted in Summer 2021.

Before the deadline (May 20th, 2021) of application for community, this list will be continually updated

No. English name Chinese name Official Website State of application
001 Apache DolphinScheduler Apache DolphinScheduler link Accepted
002 Apache ShardingSphere Apache ShardingSphere link Accepted
003 ChubaoFS ChubaoFS link Accepted
004 MegEngine 天元 link Accepted
005 RT-Thread RT-Thread link Accepted
006 Apache Pulsar Apache Pulsar link Accepted
007 Emacs China Emacs China link Accepted
008 Casbin Casbin link Accepted
009 Apache SkyWalking Apache SkyWalking link Accepted
010 Apache APISIX Apache APISIX link Accepted
011 Apache IoTDB Apache IoTDB link Accepted
012 Simple-XX Simple-XX link Accepted
013 Tsinghua University TUNA Association 清华大学 TUNA 协会 link Accepted
014 OI Wiki OI Wiki link Accepted
015 openLooKeng openLooKeng link Accepted
016 openGauss openGauss link Accepted
017 ZStack Cloud ZStack Cloud 平台 link Accepted
018 Jenkins Chinese Community Jenkins 中文社区 link Accepted
019 openEuler Community openEuler 社区 link Accepted
020 The Debian Project The Debian Project link Accepted
021 KubeSphere Community KubeSphere 开源社区 link Accepted
022 Curve Curve社区 link Accepted
023 Bookos Bookos社区 link Accepted
024 WebCell WebCell link Accepted
025 PiFlow 大数据流水线系统 PiFlow 社区 link Accepted
026 Wechaty Wechaty 社区 link Accepted
027 Kaiyuanshe 开源社 link Accepted
028 Nebula Graph Nebula Graph link Accepted
029 Tiny Lab 泰晓科技 link Accepted
030 Anthon Open Source Community 安同开源社区 link Accepted
031 GoodERP GoodERP开源俱乐部 link Accepted
032 EduOJ EduOJ link Accepted
033 OneFlow OneFlow link Accepted
034 China PostgreSQL association 中国开源软件推进联盟PostgreSQL分会 link Accepted
035 Milvus Milvus link Accepted
036 Volcano Volcano link Accepted
037 Apache ECharts Apache ECharts 社区 link Accepted
038 Apache CarbonData Apache CarbonData link Accepted
039 dubbo-go dubbo-go 社区 link Accepted
040 TDengine TDengine link Accepted
041 Ubuntu Kylin 优麒麟 link Accepted
042 Codename One Codename One link Accepted
043 SofaStack Community SOFAStack 社区 link Accepted
044 CHAOSS CHAOSS社区 link Accepted
045 DoKit DoKit 社区 link Accepted
046 Julia Julia 中文社区 link Accepted
047 Hypertrons Hypertrons link Accepted
048 MaskNetwork MaskNetwork link Accepted
049  Universal OJ            Universal OJ 开源社区           link             Accepted    
050 DatenLord DatenLord link Accepted
051  HybridOS      合璧操作系统                    link                    Accepted    
052  USTCLUG               中科大学生 Linux 用户协会       link    Accepted    
053  ArkID               ArkID 开源社区                 link          Accepted    
054  GitCourse               GitCourse                link             Accepted    
055  Senparc Developer Community          盛派开发者社区     link             Accepted    
056   Linuxkerneltravel       Linux内核之旅            link           Accepted    
057 yunionio yunionio link Accepted
058  AOS               AOS                 link          Accepted    
059  xmake               xmake 技术社区                 link             Accepted    
060 TesterHome TesterHome link Accepted
061  GraphScope      GraphScope                    link                    Accepted    
062  zentao      禅道项目管理软件                 link                    Accepted   
063 MindSpore MindSpore link Accepted
064 rCORE OS rCORE OS link Accepted
065  RIOS Lab      RIOS Lab                   link                   Accepted   
066  OpenMessaging      OpenMessaging                   link                    Accepted   
067  Apache EventMesh(Incubating)     Apache EventMesh(Incubating)社区       link          Accepted   
068  Sentinel      Sentinel                   link                   Accepted   
069 KubeEdge KubeEdge link Accepted
070 Apache Local Community Beijing Apache Local Community Beijing link Accepted
071 OpenDigger OpenDigger link Accepted
072 LCUI LCUI link Accepted
073  Dragonfly      Dragonfly                   link                    Accepted   
074  Apache RocketMQ         Apache RocketMQ 社区            link                    Accepted   
075  Serverless Devs         Serverless Devs                 link                  Accepted   
076  Arthas         Arthas                   link                    Accepted   
077  OpenKruise         OpenKruise                   link                  Accepted   
078  Apache Dubbo         Apache Dubbo                   link                   Accepted   
079 Apollo Apollo link Accepted
080  Nacos        Nacos                   link                   Accepted   
081  Project C         Project C         link                Accepted   
082  JustAuth         JustAuth      link                   Accepted   
083 Vineyard Vineyard link Accepted
084 Wine Wine link Accepted
085 MaxKey MaxKey社区 link Accepted
086 ROS ROS link Accepted
087 TensorBase TensorBase link Accepted
088  Joomla!         Joomla!                  link                   Accepted   
089  NGINX         NGINX开源社区         link                   Accepted   
090 ChaosBlade ChaosBlade link Accepted
091 NoneBot NoneBot link Accepted
092 KubeVela KubeVela link Accepted
093 mica mica link Accepted
094 The Turing Way The Turing Way link Accepted
095  OpenYurt         OpenYurt      link                    Accepted   
096  LibreOffice          LibreOffice         link                  Accepted   
097  openSUSE         openSUSE      link                     Accepted   
098  SIMD Everywhere          SIMD Everywhere          link                 Accepted   
099  Seata           Seata         link                   Accepted   
100  OpenMS           OpenMS         link                  Accepted   
101  Toro unikernel           Toro unikernel          link                  Accepted   
102  T Engine             T Engine            link                  Accepted   
103  Mars            Mars           link                  Accepted   
104 Rocket Booster Rocket Booster link Accepted
105 Sureness Sureness社区 link Accepted
106 DTP DTP link Accepted
107  Spring Cloud Alibaba     Spring Cloud Alibaba             link           Accepted   
108  OpenCT     北京师范大学 OpenCT 社区          link           Accepted   
109  KubeDL      KubeDL              link           Accepted   

Note: If your community has send email of application and still not in the list, the application is still under review. Generally, The list will be updated after committee weekly meeting on every Monday.

If I did not receive the reply email from staff member after I send email of application

Generally, the email of application will be processed in one working day.

If you did not receive the reply email in two days after you sent, you can send email to or (This is mail list for send feedback to committee member) to make sure whether your email was received by staff.

Last update: 2021-10-24