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Community Guidelines

Which communities can participate

This program is open, as long as the repository in the open source community adopts OSI organization approved open source license or recommended Open Knowledge License, and other open and shared licenses are all supported by this program.

Regarding the open source community focusing on promoting open source, welcome to contact the organizing committee to negotiate how to promote this program and to conduct the subsequent cooperation.

How does the community sign up


  • The communities who applied successfully via e-mail still need to register in the system and fill out the information.

  • The following processes, including student project application, mentor selection of students, mid-term review as well as final review, will be operated in the system, which will be released in coming weeks.

Whether the project whose license is not approved by OSI will have change to be accepted

Yes, open and shared licenses could be accepted. The licenses in OSI list and recommended Open Knowledge License is suggested.

We understand the OSI list is dynamic, and some licenses is under review. we are open for more type of open source projects. But if the community whose license is not in OSI list, organizing committee need to spend more time on investagting and evaluating the commnity.

Can the community propose development projects for upstream open source software repository

It can be proposed, but the following conditions should be met:

  1. The agreement of upstream open source software warehouse should belong to OSI organization certified open source agreement Or recommended Open Knowledge License.
  2. The tutor designated by the community has the ability to guide the students to complete the development work of the corresponding project. For example, the tutor is an active developer in the upstream community.

What is the bonus of each project

  • The difficulty of the project is divided into high, medium and low levels, and the corresponding pre tax bonus is high (12000 RMB), medium (9000 RMB) and low (6000 RMB) (Note: the amount of bonus is pre tax RMB).
  • The difficulty level is determined by the community according to the project task.
  • The sponsor will fund the projects that students will eventually apply for. Within the budget, the sponsor will support as many projects as possible, which are expected to be more than 500.

In general, the committee will respect the difficulty setting of the community and the committee will also check the difficulty setting in the community page. If the difficulty setting is not reasonable, it will communicate with the community to adjust the difficulty level.

What does the community need to do after the registration for program

  1. The community should launch the "Summer 2021" page (HTML, Wiki, etc.) on the community official website (or project open repository), including the detailed list of all project tasks provided by the community / project team, providing the project task information and corresponding reference materials with the estimated development workload of 3 months.

  2. The community needs to appoint a community mentor for each project, which is generally the developer (maintainer, committer, contributor) related to the project. Each mentor can be the mentor of three projects at most at the same time. Please refer to Mentor guide for tutor participation, specifically responsible for:

    • Provide project task details by project template

    • Communicate with potential applicants for the project, review the application and confirm the chosen student

    • Provide support towards the students in the development process

    • Evaluate the development achievements of students

How does the community know which projects are supported

After informing the Organizing Committee of the link address of the "summer 2021" page of the community, the organizing committee will add the "summer 2021" project link of the community in the open source community page of the official website of the program, thus the project list in this page is the candidate supported projects.

General requirements for funded projects:

  1. The open source software corresponding to the development project adopts OSI organization certified open source license
  2. The repository corresponding to the open knowledge project adopts recommended Open Knowledge License
  3. It is suggested that the projects that have been open source and open for more than half a year will be supported.

The organizing committee will evaluate whether the project will be supported or not according to the application of the students.

How to set project difficulty in community

The difficulty of the project is divided into high, medium and low levels, and the community can set it according to the following reference standards. The Organizing Committee suggests that the difficulty of open knowledge projects should be low or medium.

The following are the reference standards of difficulty:

  1. High: bonus RMB 12000
    • A competent master student majoring in computer science
    • The typical high difficulty is to optimize the class work, improve the time, reduce the memory occupation, provide performance and so on.
  2. Medium: bonus RMB 9000
    • Objective: the ability is equivalent to the graduate freshmen or graduate sophomore master majoring in computer science
  3. Low: bonus RMB 6000
    • Objective: the ability is equivalent to the junior and senior computer major bachelor students

The following open knowledge agreement projects are accepted in this program:

Organizer's Statement

  1. The organizer has no intellectual property claim for the development achievements of the students in this program;
  2. Relevant intellectual property achievements are determined by the community and students according to the guidelines for participating in the community development (for instance, signing CLA with student developers);

Last update: 2021-10-24