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Mentor Guides

How to become a mentor

The mentor of the project is recommended by the community. Each mentor could guide up to three projects in Summer 2021.

Responsibilities of Mentors

  1. Responsible for answering students'questions about the details of the project, and actively answer students' questions about the project before the deadline for students application.

  2. During the preparation of the student's project plan, the instructor should provide positive directional guidance and share related technical materials to assist the students in conducting more feasible and rational project development plans.

  3. Instruct students how to become a member of the community and use common communication tools (E-mail, IRC, mailing lists, etc.).

  4. Instruct students to follow the rules of the community and use the community's code management platform and other tools.

  5. Communicate with students actively and effectively, and guide students to think independently and solve problems by putting forward questions appropriately.

  6. Avoid telling students the answer directly. Mentor is supposed to guide them through directional guidance.

  7. Maintain regular communication with students during project development and keep up with the progress of students' development. The organizing committee recommends that communication should be guaranteed at least once or twice a week.

  8. Take into account the skill level and age of students, maintain friendly and patient communication, and encourage students to develop independently and actively.

  9. Promote student contributions could be accepted by the community.

Whether the mentor can assist the student in development process

  • The mentor cannot help students to develope the project by coding directly or help the student debug the project.

  • The project should be completed independently. Mentors can guide students around the project in laying out plans, providing links to relevant recommendation documents, instructing students on how to participate in the community, and providing directional suggestions for improvement in the implementation of the program.

Instructions about mentors' bonus

  1. How much bonus amount will I receive?

    • Each project will be awarded RMB 5,000 before tax, and each mentor is responsible for up to 3 projects, which means the bonus is up to RMB 15,000 before tax.

    • The bonus will be paid on the basis of the number of project and will be transferred to the bank account of main mentor.

  2. When will the bonus be paid?

    The bonus of mentors' bonus will be paid after the students passed final project evaluation.

  3. How to pay the foreign mentors’ bonus?

    • The foreign mentor's bonus shall be settled in dollars, subject to the real-time exchange rate at the time of bonus payment.

    • The mentors’ bonus will be paid by credit transfer method. There is no restriction on which bank but the bank account must be under your own name. Also, the organizing committee will collect the following information from the mentor on the basis of the requirements of State Taxation Administration of The People's Republic of China::

    • Payee's Full Name

    • Mobile Number

    • Payee's Address

    • Payee's Bank Name and Address

    • Payee's Account

    • Swiftcode

    • Payee's Nationality

Note: the above information is required according to the current international settlement policy. The organizing committee will take reasonable measures to protect private data, personal identity information and other sensitive information.

  • The tax payment or tax payment certificate including the amount of this payment is applicable to the situation where Chinese and foreign personnel obtain income in China according to the tax terms, and individual income taxes withheld and paid by the organizing committee on behalf. The calculation method is as follows (Unit: CNY)

    • Below RMB 3,750, 3% tax rate (80% * 3%)

    • Below RMB 15,000, 10% tax rate (bonus 80% * 10% - 210)

    • Below RMB 31,250, 20% tax rate is (bonus 80% * 20% - 1410)


  • The mentor is requested to confirm the matters needing attention in the local law, such as: confirm whether I can legally take part-time jobs, etc.

  • In case of disputes or legal consequences, the organizing committee will not bear any liability for breach of contract or any other legal liability.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

Last update: 2021-08-09