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Student Guide

Please see Participant Aggrement for Student. Participating this program represents you acknowledge and agree this aggrement.

Please see Guidelines for Open Source Promotion Plan Management System

After the announcement of selected students, you need to sign manually, scan and upload this aggrement: Participant Aggrement for Student-Signature

What kind of support can the selected students gain in the program

  • Professional guidance of community mentors.

  • The organizing committee will set up a group of selected students, maintain direct communication with students, and deal with feedback from students in time.

  • The organizing committee will provide platform support for project development support, project report and achievement submission. Students should communicate with mentors on how to submit their contributions to and be accepted by the community.

  • The organizing committee will award the selected students three times:

    i. All the selected students will receive a gift package from the organizing committee, including commemorative T-shirt, USB disk, etc.

    ii. Students who pass the mid-term assessment will receive 50% of the project bonus first.

    iii. According to the final project evaluation results, the remaining 50% bonus will be paid and student will obtain the certificate.

Student Eligibility

  • Must be at least 18 years old at time of registration.

  • The students who will graduate in this summer can submit the project application as long as your student ID card is valid at the time of application submission.

  • Overseas students can provide the Admission Letter/student ID Card/Certificate of Enrollment.

Participation Process


Stage Date Issue Remark
1 04/02-05/23 Pick the projects that you are interested in
Communicate with mentor and prepare the application materials.
You can Sign up from now on!
2 05/24-06/13 Submit the Project Application
3 06/30 Accepted student projects announced
Check the official website
The accepted students will receive Gitlab account
4 07/01-08/15 The 1st phase of developing project
Submit the developing output for mid-term review
5 08/30 Check the mid-term result. Students who passed the review will receive the 50% bonus
6 08/16-09/30 The 2nd phase of developing project
Submit the developing output for final-term review.
7 10/22 Check the final-term result Students who passed the review will receive the remaining 50% bonus and certificate
8 Early November Announcement of excellent students

Tips: All students who pass final assessment will receive full awards of his/her project, no matter whether the project will be rated as excellent.

Details for Participation Process

1. Pick the projects that you are interested in and communicate with mentor and prepare the application materials.

Pick the projects
  • Follow up the Project List
  • You can apply for up to three projects at the same time, but can only undertake one project in the end.
  • Can students apply for projects not in the community project list?

    No. If you would like to apply the projects not on official website, you can communicate with community to release this project in system before deadline. You could apply it after the review approved.

Communicate with mentor
  • Students can enter into the project list of each community through the official website page of the program. There will be a designated mentor name and e-mail in each project description. It is suggested that students communicate with tutors through e-mail. E-mail is also the basic way to participate in the community.

  • Please pay attention to the basic etiquette of communication with the tutor. The mentor only provides guidance and suggestions withintheir capability. The application, design and development of the project are completed by the students themselves.

Prepare the application materials

2. Submit the Project Application

  • You can apply for up to three projects at the same time, but can only undertake one project in the end. When submitting the project applications, you need to rank the selected priority of all the projects you apply for. If you are selected by multiple projects at the same time, the project with higher priority will be selected according to the project ranking submitted.

  • If I have already been a member of the community, can I apply for the community projects?

    Yes, You can apply. But the applicant can not participate as the mentor of any projects in this program at the same time.

  • Submit the application via Open Source Promotion Plan Management System

3. Accepted student projects announced

Accepted student
  • After the selected student list is published on the official website, they will be supported by the following platforms:

    i. Receive the platform account and help provided by the organizing committee.

    ii. By default, the organizing committee chooses the mailbox used by students to create the platform gitlab account. If students need to modify it, they can contact the organizing committee by email to apply for modification;

    iii. By default, the Organizing Committee establishes a project repository for each student, in which the code repository and Wiki pages are publicly accessible, and the mentors and students have operation rights. Additionally, the repository contains the following contents:

    • The project repository has the community set license by default;

    • The wiki page provides the project application with hidden student information by default;

Unaccepted student

The organizing committee will not support the unaccepted student to develop the project.

4. The 1st phase of developing project and submit the developing output for mid-term review

Developing project
  • The code repository used by students in the process of project development can be communicated and determined by the community. It can be stored in the open repository of the designated platform in the community, or in the repository provided by the organizing committee. If students only use the organizing committee repository to submit milestone achievements, they need to publicize the actual repository address in the wiki page;

  • Students need to submit the complete project code to the organizing committee platform respository before the mid-term submission deadline (this requirement is mainly for students whose output code is not stored in the organizing committee platform), and submit the report to the corresponding issue (created by the Organizing Committee in advance).

Mid-term review

i. Students submit the interim report of the project in the designated position of the platform

ii. The tutor gives the review opinions from the following aspects and submits the review opinions to the designated position of the platform.

  • Is the project on schedule

  • Whether the project code and output have been submitted to the platform warehouse as planned

iii. The Organizing Committee judges whether the mid-term assessment is passed or not according to the evaluation opinions of the tutor.

5. Check the mid-term result

The result will be released on the official webiste.

  • Students who pass the mid-term assessment will receive 50% of the project bonus (before tax) to continue the project.

  • Students who fail to pass the mid-term assessment will stop participating in the project, and the organizing committee will no longer support the project.

Please see Student Bonus Instruction for details.

6. The 2nd phase of developing project and submit the developing output for final-term review

i. Students submit the project final report at the designated platform.

ii. Community members of community organizations (tutors and other community developers, the specific number of which is decided by the community) give evaluation opinions referring to the following aspects, and submit the evaluation opinions to the designated location of the platform:

  • Evaluate whether the project output meets the initial objectives and requirements of the project.

  • List of contributions submitted to the community.

  • Evaluate the operation of project output.

  • The perfection of project related documents.

  • For R & D projects, whether the closing report provides the corresponding test verification results.

  • Other aspects that the community and tutors think need to be evaluated.

iii. The organizing committee organizes a review panel to review the project output, and gives the final review conclusion (pass, fail) based on the review opinions of the community.

7. Check the final-term result

The result will be released on the official webiste.

Students who passed the review will receive the remaining 50% bonus and certificate

8. Announcement of excellent students

Other Questions

1. When will the students start project development

After the organizing committee officially announced the selected students.

2. Can the selected students develop in advance

Before the organizing committee publishes the list of selected students, the candidates of the funded students of the project are in an uncertain state, and any student's application may be rejected due to other students' better project plan or other reasons.

The organizing committee does not recommend that students start research and development work in advance, instead, should focus on improving the project application and project scheme. Whether it is the project of this program or the work project in the future, the early project planning and scheme design are very important.

3. Which programming language should students use to develop projects

Students can choose the programming language according to the needs of community projects. In general, it should be consistent with the programming language used by the community.

Student Bonus Instruction

  1. How much bonus amount will each student receive?

    Each project will be awarded RMB 12000, RMB 9000 and RMB 6000 (before tax), which based on the level of project difficulty.

  2. When will the bonus be paid?

    Students who pass the mid-term assessment will receive 50% of the project bonus first, the remaining 50% bonus will be paid after the students pass the final project evaluation. Accordingly, the student will not receive the rest bonus if he/she fails the final evaluation.

  3. How to pay the foreign students’ bonus?

    In case of disputes or legal consequences, the organizing committee will not bear any liability for breach of contract or any other legal liability.

    i. The foreign students’ bonus shall be settled in dollars, subject to the real-time exchange rate at the time of bonus payment.

    ii. The students’ bonus will be paid by credit transfer method. There is no restriction on which bank but the bank account must be under your own name. Also, the organizing committee will collect the following information from the student on the basis of the requirements of State Taxation Administration of The People's Republic of China:

    • Payee's Full Name

    • Mobile Number

    • Payee's Address

    • Payee's Bank Name and Address

    • Payee's Bank Account

    • Swiftcode

    • Payee's Nationality

    Note: the above information is required according to the current international settlement policy. The organizing committee will take reasonable measures to protect private data, personal identity information and other sensitive information.

    The tax payment or tax payment certificate including the amount of this payment is applicable to the situation where Chinese and foreign personnel obtain income in China according to the tax terms, and individual income taxes withheld and paid by the organizing committee on behalf. The calculation method is as follows (unit: Yuan)

    • Below 3750, 3% tax rate (80% * 3%)
    • Below 15000, 10% tax rate (bonus 80% * 10% - 210)
    • Below 31250, 20% tax rate is (bonus 80% * 20% - 1410)

Last update: 2021-06-18